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To inspire transformation and exploration of the human experience through a body empowering immersive art event resulting in a kinder inner and outer world.

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We all want to be accepted for who we are. Nude art is no different. Nude Nite was created 15 years ago by our founder Kelly Stevens, who found that galleries wouldn’t and still sometimes won't show nude art. Nude art can be risqué, intimate, and controversial. Like us, it doesn’t belong in the back room, it belongs in the light. Nude Nite is a national art exhibition showing over 200 of the best works from artists across the U.S. Adding world-class body-themed entertainment, DJ music, and immersive experiences is what makes Nude Nite different than your typical 'art gallery.' Plus our guests leave loving the skin they’re in. 

Each year, Nude Nite raises funds for our non-profit, The Artery Inc. which uses the power of art to provide transformative art experiences and opportunities for people. For our 2024 show, we are excited to announce our partnership with 'Gals who Grieve,' an initiative dedicated to supporting individuals through their grieving process. Our shared mission is to bring community, healing, and hope to those who need it most. Together, we are committed to raising funds to provide art opportunities and experiences as a powerful tool for coping and emotional support. By combining our resources and passion for art, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those navigating the challenging journey of grief.

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