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We all want to be accepted for who we are. Nude art is no different. Nude Nite was created 15 years ago because galleries wouldn't and still won't show it. It can be  risque, intimate and controversial. Like us, it doesn't belong in a back room, it belongs in the light.  Nude Nite is a national art competition showing over 200 of the best works from artists across the U.S.   Adding world class body-themed entertainment, DJ music and immersive experiences gives Nude Nite it's sexy, fun, empowered vibe.  

Nude Nite is curated with love and intention. It is female owned and operated, uses sustainable products wherever possible. Our model ratio is gender equal meaning for every female there is a male. Nude Nite is inclusive. Our models represent what society looks like and include all sizes, colors and genders. Nude Nite guests go home lovin' the skin they're in.  

To inspire transformation through a body empowering event which provides conscious conversation and insight resulting in a kinder inner and outer world. 



indian website.jpg


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